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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Tulsi ky faiday or Benefits Urdu Hindi

Tulsi ky Faiday or Benefits Urdu Hindi

Are you searching for Tulsi herb, it benefits or side effects (tulsi k faidy aur nuksanat ), tulsi for hair, skin, weight loss, cancer, acne, benefits for women and men in Urdu and Hindi. I am sharing a detail post about health benefits of tulsi and its nutrient value in Urdu.
tulsi benefits in urdu tulsi ky faiday

Tulsi Benefits for Acne in Urdu 

Tulsi for treating acne in urdu hindi

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Curry leaves health benefits in Urdu Hindi

Curry leaves health benefits in Urdu Hindi

Curry leaves benefits in Urdu
Curry leaves are commonly known as  kari patta or Kadi Patta  in Urdu and Hindi. 

Curry leaves has lots of health benefits for curing digestive system,sugar,eye issues,weight loss, hair and skin issues. etc. Curry leaves are well-known for its sweet-smelling essence therefore used in many Asian dishes. In south India and Pakistan Curry leaves are known as sweet neem leaves. Curry leaves are good source of proteins, iron, carbohydrates, fibers, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. 

Here are few benefits and nutrition value of Curry Leaf in Urdu

Nutrition value of Curry Leaf in Urdu 

nutrition value of Curry Leaf in Urdu


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